Looking Back: EPCOT Center in 1988

The Looking Back series continues with a look at EPCOT Center in 1988. Some things haven’t changed all that much since that time, while other things have changed quite a bit.

Monorail Lime passes Spaceship Earth, as seen from the area near The Land. These days, Monorail Lime’s stripes are green and white instead of green and blue. Not a big change, but still interesting, I think.

For several years, the EPCOT Center logo appeared in floral form behind Earth Station, which was what the post-show area behind Spaceship Earth was then called. These days, they don’t use that old logo all that much. I still like it, though.

Horizons, which used to stand in the eastern half of Future World, was replaced a few years ago by Mission: Space. This was one of those rare instances where they completely demolished the building instead of just making the new ride fit inside the old structure. Horizons was always a favorite of mine, and of many others, too. I always liked the angular construction of the building as well.

The Living Seas is now The Seas with Nemo and Friends, and it isn’t presented by United Technologies any more, either. I always did enjoy the waves splashing around the sign, and I am glad that they kept this for the newer sign, too.

Kitchen Kabaret used to be one of my favorite things about The Land. It was a musical revue show about good nutrition, somewhat similar in style to the Country Bear Jamboree. This was from the grand finale when all the characters appeared on the stage at once. Kitchen Kabaret was later replaced by the far inferior Food Rocks, which was later removed to make way for Soarin'.

Expo Robotics was an exhibit in Communicore (the buildings that are known as Innoventions now). One of the highlights of the exhibit was the Top Spinning Robots show, where just as the name implies, robots would spin tops. They would also balance the spinning tops on such things as a wire or the blade of a sword.

This dark shot of Figment from Journey into Imagination isn’t the best, but I still like it. And besides, it also shows that cool plaid part of the Dream Mobile. Who doesn’t love plaid?

Some things haven’t changed all that much, such as this view of a Friendship Boat cruising through World Showcase Lagoon with Italy and the American Adventure in the background. You can’t tell that much from this photo, but there is a bit more to Italy now than there was back then, with the new restaurant that was recently added.

Here is an early evening view of World Showcase Lagoon, with the American Adventure, Japan, and Morocco along the shore. The two poles at the far right sprayed water for the mist screens used for projections in Illuminations, the fireworks and laser show that was new in 1988.

I have always enjoyed this photo of Spaceship Earth at EPCOT Center in the early evening. These days, the awnings that are in between the Innoventions buildings block this view from inside Future World, unfortunately.

That’s it for this time. Watch for another Looking Back post soon!

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